Today, we are going to dive in deep and reveal how Ryan Lee uses social proof to get more sales.

If you don’t know who Ryan is, he’s a successful entrepreneur who has been in the online world (and offline) for about two decades, selling products, programs, and everything else in between.

One of the things that he does very well is the use of social proof.

He’s very strategic about how he uses it, and he keeps it simple.

But don’t let the simplicity of it fool you. It is very powerful, and something that we can all learn from.

So I wanted to dive into his process and show you how he is using testimonials to sell one of his programs called the Nano Product Stack.

In the first half of the video you see here, we go into every part of his sales page where he uses social proof, and I explain exactly what he is doing and why he is doing it.

We even go into a few spots where there is no social proof and why it may be good for him to use some at those spots.

Then the second half of the video goes into what could be done differently to make things even better.

Not that anything is bad; it’s actually REALLY good. I just want to show you a few elements that improve what is already there.

Oh, and one thing you’ll notice in this video is…

Ryan does not use any video testimonials.

As much as I LOVE video testimonials, sometimes you can do well without them. And Ryan is a perfect example of this.

Although if Ryan decided to use them, he would see better conversions.

That being said, there’s a lot we can learn about how he uses his social proof and where he uses it on the sales page.

So take a few minutes to watch the video and see how he’s doing it. There are quite a few pieces that Ryan uses that you can apply to your process as well.

How Ryan Lee Uses Social Proof Video Highlights

  • How Ryan uses social proof to prove you can build a business with low-priced courses.
  • The type of testimonials Ryan collects and how these add more credibility than the standard ones.
  • How name-dropping celebrities in his niche magnifies his credibility.
  • How he uses testimonials without results to prove he can do what he says.
  • The powerful way Ryan overcomes his biggest objections.
  • The specific locations where he uses social proof that guarantee a boost in conversions.
  • What could be done differently with testimonials to get more sales.
  • How the FAQ section could be even more powerful by using testimonial videos.
  • Why animated testimonials are important and how they would improve the sales page.
  • Sample animated testimonials for you to see what they would look like.

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