So I’ve seen some good success from fitness business owners who have transitioned online because of everything.

But there’s still a ton of moving parts and a lot of overwhelm.

And the people who are getting lost in all of it are your members.

So it’s important to know exactly what they need help with and give that to them.

The cool part is…

They will tell you if you ask them the right way.

Even better…

They will literally leave you testimonials and social proof which you can then leverage right now.

And if you didn’t see the previous two posts about the testimonial resource I shared and why it’s so important to get social proof right now then make sure you check them out.

The Social Proof Check System To Use During The Craziness.

Why Social Proof Is So Important (Do NOT skip this video).

All that being said make sure you watch the video on this page.

It’ll show you exactly how you can know what to provide to your members and then turn it around and leverage it as social proof.

And just in case you need an example of how to do the screenshot testimonial here’s something you can model…

And if you are feeling overwhelmed with all of this, just let me know. I can help.