During this whole COVID craziness there has been a lot of craziness. Businesses have been rocked because of it.

And some of the reasons the businesses are having a tough time is because their landlords have not budged at all and not been flexible.

So last time you saw a video on how to get your members to help reach the emotional side of your landlord to try and soften them up a bit.

Today, the video above is the second part to that and it’s all about how to leverage the “power” people that you have as members.

Basically, if you have any members who have some local authority then this video will show you to work with them so that your landlord knows that they are members of yours.

Just because they’re your landlord doesn’t mean they have ultimate authority over everything.

And in the video you will see a subtle way to let your landlord know that there are some people who work with you that the landlord is going to pay very particular attention to.

If you’re in a situation where things are really challenging right now, and your business is on the edge, this is a strategy you may want to consider.

If you do, just be really cool with it and don’t overdo it.