So what is the trickle-down testimonial? Well, before we dive into that let’s touch on something REALLY important.

COVID 19 has been wreaking havoc for quite a while right now. So many people are in their own heads too much, scared, and freaking out.

And business owners are doing the same.

With all the negativity out there we need more positive social proof from your clients. But let’s say getting that social proof is tough or there’s just too many other things going on.

Well, what do you do?

You do the trickle down testimonial.

The video above will explain all of it, but the basic idea is to take one longer testimonial you have, break it into parts (like the micro-testimonial) and then consistently drip them out to your audience.

The more you do that, the more top of mind awareness people have about what you’re doing, and the more you promote positive messaging. And the more people see this, the more they’re going to think of you as the person/ business to go to.

So watch the video above to learn more about the trickle down testimonial.

And if you need help with the trickle-down testimonials just give me a holler by clicking the button below.