Do you have clients’ that trained with you prior to the COVID-19 lockdown and then decided not to because they didn’t feel the online training was the same value?

Or have you had people ask you why the cost of the online training is the same as the offline training?

If so, you are NOT alone. A lot of business owners who were doing in-person training and then had to switch to online were charging the same rates.

Some clients’ questioned why that was.

Then as things opened back up people were given the option to do offline or online but still questioned why the online was the same rates.

Well, if this is the case this means there is a belief that online won’t provide the same value.

So how do you overcome that?

Well, since everything is all about social proof here…

Then you’re going to use testimonial videos to do that.

That’s because testimonial videos can be one of the best objection busting tools you can have.

In the video above you’ll see what to focus on, and how to use the testimonial video to help overcome the…

Online training isn’t as valuable as offline training objection.

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