As COVID-19 drags on there’s more and more info about it. With all of the info that’s floating around it’s getting harder to know what’s true and what’s not.

So Facebook has taken it upon themselves to try and clean up what’s showing up on their platform.

Regardless if what they are doing is right or wrong it means that some of the legit info will get caught up in their sweep.

And quite a few training businesses who are sharing health and fitness related info not related to COVID-19 have found it’s harder to…

Get ads approved, and some have been taken down.

Even if they follow FB’s guidelines and are 100% true, it’s happening.

So what can you do?

Well, the video above explains how social proof can be very helpful with all of this.

Even if one of those pieces gets flagged, you’ll have more to put in it’s place.

So as frustrating as it can be when FB makes changes, being able to roll with it and leverage social proof can be very helpful.

And if you need help with your social proof, or want to know more info just schedule a chat with me by clicking the button below.