So it’s a real possibility that gyms and training businesses could be heading for another shutdown.

Some already have been forced to shutdown.

So what can you do if this happens.

Well, the first thing is you don’t want to wait it out.

But the second thing is you should be prepared ahead of time just in case it does happen to you.

Because here’s the thing…

Most training businesses have an online program and they’ll switch back to that just like you would.

But most of them will be the same basic programs and marketing for it.

What very few will have is…

Social proof and testimonials of their members from the original COVID-19 shutdown that happened.

But if you have testimonials from those members already…

Then you are going to be way ahead of the game and different from everyone else.

And the video above explains more of this in detail so check it out.

Oh, and somehow Shia LeBeouf worked his way into the video lol.

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