I’m just gonna come out and say it, every customer or client should sit when doing testimonial videos.

The difference between a video when they stand or sit can be massive.

If you’ve been following this testimonial stuff for any length of time then you know that the more comfortable someone is the more they open up.

This applies not just to testimonial videos but to just about anything.

If you’re scared, or feel awkward, or judged, your guard is up you’re not going to share intimate details about anything… right?

But the more comfortable you feel, you realize no one is going to judge you.

Once you know and feel that, it’s much easier to open up.

That’s exactly why when on a first date you don’t unload all your baggage.

You’re afraid you’ll be judged and scare the person off.

Well, the same thing applies to testimonial videos.

A client has to feel comfortable first before they start spilling the beans and revealing their feelings and emotions.

After doing thousands of testimonial videos I can say with 100% certainty that there is always more that a client has to share about their experience and story than they are initially talking about in the video.

To get that, you have to dig.

But one thing you can do to make that a lot easier is to have your clients sit when doing testimonial videos.

And we can go into so much on this topic but I’ll keep it short because the 30-second video you see here will share some of the other reasons why.

So if you want to up your chances of getting stronger, more emotional videos make sure going forward that all your clients sit when doing testimonial videos.

And if you want to get other key steps to follow in this process make sure you have the quick start guide as well.