It’s VERY important to know where clients should look with testimonial videos. If they’re looking in the right place then they’ll create a deeper connection with the viewer. If not, the video will turn people away.

Here’s an important key to this (not covered in the video)…

A big part of knowing where your clients should look is understanding your market, and also what platform you’re using your videos on.

Those two pieces will tell you where you should have your clients look.

As you know, the whole idea of testimonial videos is to convince others that what you provide works.

But for that to happen, your testimonial videos have to connect with the viewers.

If they don’t connect, then people will actually feel like something is kind of “off.” And if a prospect feels just a tiny bit off, they’ll turn and run the other way.

And one of the best ways to create that connection is by showcasing the emotions of a client’s story, but to really create a connection, the client has to be looking in the right place.

And the video here will share exactly where you should have your clients look with testimonial videos.

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