Let’s say right now you’ve just been allowed to re-open. You’ve probably got a ton of regulations to follow and on top of that, you have to make sure members are staying safe.

Now, let’s say you’re in an area like me where you’re not allowed to re-open yet, you’re probably feeling frustrated…

And I get that.

So if you’re still in a “lockdown area” the video above will be helpful for you to plan out the re-opening and use social proof to make the process smoother.

If you are already open, then you can take this strategy and run with it right away.

Basically, what you will see above is a video that explains what is called the social proof safety status or social proof safety system.

In previous videos, there has been a breakdown of what type of testimonials to get, and what type of visual social proof you can use to help convince people your facility is safe. 

The video above will add another step to the process that will show in realtime how safe your members feel.

The more people see and hear how safe your members feel, the better.

And leveraging the social proof safety status is an easy way to get the word out quickly.

Even if you do no marketing for it, people will be able to see how safe your members feel in your facility.

On top of that this strategy is simple to implement and doesn’t require any work other than getting your members onboard (which will be easy) and promoting it (if you even want to do that).

So if you want to convince people to come back to the gym, or even have people sign up…

Start using the social proof safety status.

If you combine this with visual social proof you’re going to have a very powerful resource to help during the re-opening and transition process.