Over the past few months we’ve really learned how well fear can be used to change people’s patterns, habits, and beliefs.

In fact, it ended up being way more powerful than most of us thought.

But it’s also taught us how fear can be used to get people to take action.

So knowing that we can leverage fear (in a good way of course) within testimonial videos.

Now, the truth is I debated whether or not to even talk about this or create the video above.

I really don’t like how fear is used in the media. There’s always that feeling of it just being dirty or kind of shady, and manipulative.

But as I thought about it, when it’s used in the right way you don’t get a sense of that at all.

In fact, I use it all the time when doing testimonials with people, and not once have I ever had someone tell me that the videos give off a “strange” vibe.

That’s because the “fear testimonial” when done right is not focused on scaring people. It’s designed to get people to stop, think, and focus on the “what ifs.”

The more they do that, the more likely they are to take an action to change their lives for the better.

So if you want to get a better sense of what the “fear testimonial” is check out the video and see how it can be used in a good way to help others.