When it comes to collecting testimonial videos, a lot of business owners are making the same mistakes.

These mistakes can severely impact the power of testimonial videos.

So much so that the videos can have the opposite effect of what they’re supposed to have.

We’re talkin’ about turning away the people you want and lowering conversion rates.

And that is not good.

The easiest way to avoid that from happening is to make sure when collecting testimonial videos that you avoid the five issues mentioned in this video.

Just avoiding these five issues will make your video better than 90% of the other testimonials that are out there.

What is really great about this is…

You can make this part of a system or checklist when collecting testimonial videos.

That way you or anyone else collecting your videos can follow it.

If you do make a checklist or system out of this, you should also add to never…

Have bad audio.

Yes, making sure the video looks good is important but the truth is that having good quality audio is even more important.

You can have video that looks awful, but if the audio is good, the video will still work.

But it doesn’t work the other way around.

You could have the highest-quality 4k video quality, but if your audio is garbage…

That will annoy people and turn them off faster than you can blink.

So make sure the audio is good.

As for the other five things to avoid…

Take a look at the video to see what those are.

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