Today we’re gonna talk about how to use testimonoial videos with email marketing.

As you know, testimonial videos can be huge at getting higher quality leads, boosting conversions, and connecting prospects with your business at a deeper level.

As for email marketing, when it’s done the right way, it can play a HUGE role in growing a business.

But if you ever searched around and wanted to know how to use testimonial videos with email marketing…

There’s not much out there.

And just like everything else there are ways of doing things that are better than others.

That includes using testimonial vids with emails.

One of the big keys to doing this well is to make sure you have multiple testimonial videos first.

That’s because of the golden rule of testimonials.

The more you have, the better they work

But it also makes it easier to combine them with the email strategy discussed in the video here.

If you only have one testimonial video and you email it out, it can help you but…

When you have multiple videos across multiple emails you’ll see a much bigger impact.

And the video here breaks down the really easy way to do all of this.

That way people not only will see your videos, but they’ll know what to do next.

The cool thing is, this is just one way to combine testimonial videos with email marketing.

There are others as well, but this is an easy one to start with.

So if you do any sort of email marketing and are collecting testimonials, this video will share a simple way to combine them so you can get the most out of them.

And if you don’t have a ton of testimonial videos or the ones you do have aren’t that great, you can fix that by downloading the free testimonial video guide below.

This guide will help you get good testimonial videos quickly and consistently.

So if you want this free guide simply click the image below.

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