When it comes to getting great testimonial videos the first thing we usually focus on are…

The results.

But that’s not the most important element to getting a great testimonial video.

In fact, you can have a client with amazing results but their testimonial video sucks.

If you’ve ever collected testimonials then I’m sure you’ve experienced this before.

Well, if the results are not what get you a great testimonial video then what is it?

Is it the questions you ask in the interview?


Well, I shouldn’t say that.

The questions are massively important and can make or break the testimonial interview but there are two other elements that come before the questions that really set everything up.

And after doing thousands of testimonial vids, it always boils down to the two steps mentioned in the video here.

Now, if you don’t follow what’s in the video can you still get testimonial videos that are good?

Of course, but the chances are much lower, and consistently getting them will be much harder.

And you don’t want that.

You want testimonial videos that people watch, connect with, and take action.

To get that, it all starts with the two steps mentioned in the video.

So if you want great testimonial videos, make sure you watch the video.

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