The tried and true method to visually show results for years has been the before and after photo. They’re easy to see the results, they are relatively easy to capture and create, and you can stack a bunch of them together to show a lot of results.

On the other side of visually showing results is the testimonial video. Just like before and after photos they can easily show results, they can be stacked to show a lot of them, and you can use them just about anywhere.

But which is better, before and afters, or the videos?

Well, the reality is you can use both.

But testimonial videos should be the main focus.

And there are five reasons why.

In the video above you’ll see those five reasons, and why videos can make a much bigger impact than the before and after photos.

And if you’re looking capture testimonial videos that really stand out, you can learn how to do them with the free quick start guide.

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