Let’s talk a little bit about the four best testimonial video formats.

I guess they could also be called video styles.

When it comes to this whole testimonial video thing…

Most of us usually think about just getting the video and then figuring out where to put it later.

But if you want to get the best out of your video testimonials, the first thing to look at…

Has to be where you want to use them, and what platforms the video is going to be used on.

Once you know that, then that will dictate how to approach the testimonial video formats.

The thing to know about the formats is for a long time most business owners only focused on one format.

But as video has become more important and technology advances…

The style and formats have shifted.

And they continue to evolve.

That being said, the original format is still one of the best.

And that is the…

Standard video testimonial.

That’s the usual 16×9 (rectangular-shaped) talking head version.

This is the one that’s been used for years, is the most common, and is the one we’re most familiar with.

It continues to be one of the best because it just works!!!

The second format that is one of my favorites is the…

Compilation or montage video.

This is where you take the best clips from a bunch of individual testimonial videos and edit them together to make one big video testimonial.

Throw in some music, smart editing, and a little planning…

And you’ve got one of the most powerful video testimonials you can use.

The third format is one that is relatively newer

This is because of new platforms, and technology.

This format is the TikTok format.

That’s the vertical (9×16) video that’s short in duration, has really quick cuts, and has BIG colorful text.

This has worked really well to keep the viewer’s attention, and to find a creative way to tell a story.

But be aware…

This style is a real pain to put together, so I don’t recommend you do it yourself.

Definitely find someone to do it for you.

And the fourth testimonial video format is…

The sales testimonial.

This is a combination of the compilation video with a sales video.

And yes, you’ll see sales videos out there with testimonial clips added to them.

But this is a bit different.

There’s a much heavier focus on the testimonial videos.

The testimonials are used to add…

A TON of emotion.

A TON of energy.

And to massively enhance the sales copy in the video.

And when it’s done right…

It works like crazy!!!

So if you’ve figured out where you want to use videos, then the next step is the formats or styles.

If you’d like…

You can mix and match all of these to see what works best for you.

Of course, a little testing is necessary to figure that out.

But once you know…

Then go all in on that specific testimonial video format.

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