Does quality matter with testimonial videos?

Does Quality Matter With Testimonial Videos? So does quality matter with testimonial videos? Well, a few years back I shot a video along the lines of "do high-quality testimonial videos work better than low quality"
How To Edit Videos To Make Them Better

How To Edit Your Videos To Make Them Better Want to make your videos better? Well, in the last post you learned how to edit "faster." In today's post, you'll see how to make your videos better. The tips in
3 tips edit faster thumbnail

3 Tips To Edit Video Faster It's no secret that using video in marketing is on the rise. Since COVID hit more and more business owners are getting into video because they've been forced to do
Keep Clients Longer

How To Keep Your Clients Longer With COVID-19 hanging around like that annoying friend there's still a ton of uncertainty. And uncertainty is not a good thing for business. Over time clients are going to come
What To Do If Staff Has COVID 19?

What To Do If A Trainer Comes Down With COVID-19 We've all heard or known of someone who has come down with COVID-19 at this point. In many training businesses they've had members come down with it. But what happens if