Number One Killer Of Testimonial Videos

The Number One Killer Of Testimonial Videos The number one killer of testimonial videos is a biggie! In the world of testimonial videos, there are all sorts of things that can sink your videos. Things like... Having bad audio. The questions
Why no one watches your testimonial videos

Why No One Watches Your Testimonial Videos Want to know why no one watches your testimonial videos? Well, it's pretty simple actually. It's the same reason people don't watch most videos out there. And no, it's not because they're simple
what are the best subtitles for testimonial videos

What Are The Best Subtitles For Testimonial Videos So what are the best subtitles for testimonial videos? Well, let's just start by mentioning that using any sort of subtitles are going to help your testimonial videos get watched. But as
two ways to get better conversions with testimonial videos

Two Ways To Get Better Conversions With Testimonial Videos Let's talk about getting better conversions with testimonial videos. When it comes to testimonial videos they're not just about showcasing results. There's a lot more to them than most people realize. In
why most testimonial videos suck

Why Most Testimonial Videos Suck Most testimonial videos suck. I know that may sound a bit of an exaggeration, but it's not really. Here's a little test you can do that'll show you why. I want you
Filter out bad leads Testimonial Keyword Strategy

Filter Out Bad Leads With This Strategy Every business should have ways to filter out bad leads. A couple of well-known strategies are to have prospects submit a form, not have prices listed on your website, and basically have
How to use testimonial videos with email marketing

How To Use Testimonial Videos With Email Marketing Today we're gonna talk about how to use testimonoial videos with email marketing. As you know, testimonial videos can be huge at getting higher quality leads, boosting conversions, and connecting prospects