Billions Spoof - What Happens When Axe Does His Own Testimonial Videos

Billions TV Show Testimonial Video Spoof

Ever watch that TV show Billions? I know quite a few business owners who really enjoyed that show. From my experience and what I read, the show is pretty accurate in how
How to prove our social proof is real

How To Prove Your Social Proof Is Real

Want to know how to prove your social proof is real and believable to your audience? Make sure you watch this video. The whole idea of social proof is to build
How to create better before and after photos

How To Create Better Before And After Photos

Let's talk about how to create better before-and-after photos. In the video below, you'll see the step-by-step way to take a ho-hum before and after photo and turn it into something

Why Business Owners Don’t Collect Testimonial Videos Want to know why business owners don't collect testimonial videos? Actually, let's rephrase that... Why don't smaller business owners collect them? The big boys do, and they put in a huge effort to
How To Make Bad Testimonial Videos Better

How To Make A Bad Testimonial Video Better Let’s talk about how to make a bad testimonial video better. After watching thousands upon thousands of testimonial videos over the years, I can say that a large majority of them