how to prepare a client for a testimonial video

How To Prepare Clients For Testimonial Videos So let's talk a lil' bit about how to prepare clients for testimonial videos. From what I've experienced over the years, we do little to no prep. Usually, if you are
How to use testimonial videos with email marketing

How To Use Testimonial Videos With Email Marketing Today we're gonna talk about how to use testimonoial videos with email marketing. As you know, testimonial videos can be huge at getting higher quality leads, boosting conversions, and connecting prospects

Three Ways To Get More From Testimonial Videos When it comes to collecting testimonial videos here's how it normally works for most businesses. Step 1 - Look for a client that has great results. Step 2 - Whip out a
Social Proof Consulting

Turn Leads Into Clients With Testimonial Videos Want a low-key way to turn more leads into clients? Well, it's as simple as just using testimonial videos. Normally, we'll slap testimonials on our website or...Maybe we'll post
First Session Testimonial

What Is A First Session Testimonial? So what is a first session testimonial? Well, what types of feelings do your clients have before they start their first session with you? They're... Nervous. Scared. Self-Conscious. And they may have a bit of buyer's
Social Proof Consulting

Testimonial Video Rant – This Has To Be Said Not much to write here other than this is a bit of a rant on why businesses don't focus on using and collecting social proof more. I don't normally do rants,
get more out of online reviews

How To Get More Out Of Online Reviews It’s incredible how powerful online reviews can be. What’s interesting is knowing how to get more out of them. Normally, your reviews will be on Google, Facebook, Yelp, and places like
Social Proof Consulting

A Simple Way To Overcome Sales Objections Overcoming sales objections is an everyday part of doing business. If you've been in business for any length of time then you know how frustrating it can be when you