Why Business Owners Don’t Collect Testimonial Videos

https://youtu.be/GipExHxA5a0 Want to know why business owners don't collect testimonial videos? Actually, let's rephrase that... Why don't smaller business owners collect them? The big boys do, and they put in a huge effort to
what are us vs them testimonial videos yt tn

What Are “Us Versus Them” Testimonial Videos

https://youtu.be/vFCjRsI9cIE What are us versus them testimonial videos? Well, let's start off by asking the questions... What makes your business different from the competition? You may know, but does your audience actually know?

Three Ways To Get More From Testimonial Videos

https://youtu.be/q-4fIGghjoc When it comes to collecting testimonial videos here's how it normally works for most businesses. Step 1 - Look for a client that has great results. Step 2 - Whip out a