So what are the best subtitles for testimonial videos?

Well, let’s just start by mentioning that using any sort of subtitles are going to help your testimonial videos get watched.

But as technology and viewing habits change, so do a lot of other things.

That includes the type of subtitles that work best.

Recently there has been quite a shift in these viewing habits and how platforms are showing videos.

The big disruptor was been Tiktok.

It’s made vertical videos popular.

But the way their platform is laid out, has made it difficult to see the standard “black and white” subtitles at the bottom of the videos.

So the video creators started adding their subtitles higher up on the screen. Sometimes even placing them on top of the faces in the videos.

On top of that (no pun intended) they made the subtitles more dynamic.

They’ve started using…

Different colors.

Bigger text and different fonts.


And even animations.

All of this makes easier for the viewers to watch the videos on Tiktok.

But it also has made an impact on keeping and holding the viewer’s attention.

This style has now carried over to other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and even Youtube.

Now, it’s mostly used on vertical videos but it also can be used on the standard 16×9 videos, just like you see in the video above.

All this being said, is the Tiktok-style subtitle the best for testimonial videos?

Well, with anything, it depends on testing.

But overall, it works really well with testimonial videos.

As of right now, you don’t see too many people using these subtitles with their testimonial videos.

So now is the time to hop on board and use them.

But here’s a quick heads up on this subtitle style…

They work well for shorter testimonial vids.

We’re talkin’ 30-60 seconds in duration.

They can be a bit much for longer videos.

And they are a massive pain to create.

So the longer the video, the more time is needed to add them in.

There’s no software I’m currently aware of that automatically creates the style of subtitles you see in the video above.

Although Instagram does have some good options, but not for longer videos.

So if you want to use this style…

You will have to edit them in yourself manually or hire someone to do it for you.

And if you don’t know how to add them to your testimonial videos, or just don’t want to do them…

Connect with me here, and I’ll take care of them for you.