What do Snoop Dog and Martha Stewart have to do with testimonial videos?

Well, they fall under one of the four most powerful types of testimonial videos.

And on top of that, they are so opposite from each other that somehow when they work together something just clicks.

That being said, there are still 3 other really powerful categories of testimonial videos.

Normally, when you mention the “different types ” of testimonial videos people think of case studies which are the longer in-depth testimonials or the individual testimonials which are the shorter “results” based videos.

But the four categories or types mentioned here are completely different.

They are the categories of “style” your videos fall under.

And each category has its own unique set of characteristics.

And each category has a different level of impact.

But if you can combine videos from all 4 different categories you’ll have a social proof game that will pretty much blow 99% of businesses out of the water.

SO check out the video above to learn what the four categories are and why each one is so important.

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